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With its mindblowing medieval architecture and magnificent cobbled streets, Paris is truly the most Romantic city in the world and is visited by millions every year. The French capital is a treasure trove of invigorating experiences including postmodern cutting-edge fashion, but nothing can top a visit to the Eiffel Tower. The emblematic Eiffel Tower has transcended time and is often regarded as the most recognized monument in the world. Eiffel Tower is a quintessential Paris experience that no one wants to miss on.

Post Covid-19 Safety Measures and New Rules at Eiffel Tower

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, Eiffel Tower authorities have enforced a couple of safety measures:
  • Stairs to the 2nd floor will initially only be offered.
  • All visitors from 11 and above are required to wear masks.

All Eiffel Tower Ticket and Tour Options

Being the most coveted Parisian experience, Eiffel Tower is a highly sought-after experience offering a plethora of ticket options. From Skip the Line tickets and guided tours to Eiffel Tower summit access packages and guided stair climbs, there will be a ticket option carefully curated just for you. You can also choose between exclusive stair/elevator access tickets and restaurant tickets with their own entrances. With millions of visitors reaching the monument every year, ticket and waiting lines can be quite hours long and excruciating. It is therefore advised that you book your tour package online before you reach the monument.
Skip The Line Eiffel Tower Tickets
Stairs vs Elevators Tickets
Eiffel Tower Summit Tickets
Eiffel Tower Dining Combos
With millions of tourists visiting the monument every year, ticket queues and waiting lines tend to be really long and could setback your trip by over 2 hours. With Eiffel Tower Skip the line tickets you can beat the crowd and get direct access to the first/second level (depending on your package) and the Summit (optional). With Skip The Line Eiffel Tower tickets, you will not have to wait in long ticket queues to access either the Eiffel Tower stairs or the Eiffel Tower lifts.

Why go for these tickets?

  • Priority access to the second floor: With skip the line tickets, you have the option to whizz past the ticket line and secure an early entrance to the second-floor lift to the summit. As the summit can only be accessed by a lift, it gives you a better chance at making it to the top as you can skip past long ticket queues at the counter. 
  • Fastest access to Eiffel Tower: With skip the line Eiffel Tower tickets, you can skip the long waiting times at the ticket counters and head straight to the stairs or elevators, depending on your package. This makes it the fastest way to gain entry to the monument. It is the best ticket option if you’re on a time-bound trip. 
  • Local guide: Depending on your ticket, you’ll also be joined by a professional guide who’ll accompany you till the second level and guide you to the summit lift. You can enjoy the various attractions on the monument with a splash of history and trivia, courtesy of your guide.

Recommended Experiences

Whizz past long waiting lines, climb the world’s most emblematic monument and learn about the defining history behind Gustave Eiffel’s personification of the Eiffel Tower. The audio-guided tour will take you through the tales and history of how Eiffel Tower was constructed and how it gained the stature it has today.
Explore the different levels of the Eiffel Tower with an expert bilingual tour guide (English & French) and learn about the significance of the tower. You may also choose to go on an optional Seine River cruise and enjoy the sights from a truly unique vantage point.
With over 1,700 stairs spread across three levels, climbing the Eiffel Tower on foot is an experience of a lifetime. The Eiffel Tower stairs offer some of the best views of the City of Lights from any height and the wrapping stairs are the best way to get unique vantage points of the capital city. Another added advantage of taking the stairs is its significantly lesser waiting time compared to elevators, giving you more time to explore the monument. At a price of only €4, the stairs usually see no rush and can be accessed in less than 30 minutes of buying the ticket.
Though an enchanting experience, climbing over 1000 stairs is not an easy task. For people looking to skip the line and explore the different levels of the Eiffel Tower, elevator access is the best option. There are three Eiffel Tower elevator access packages: elevator access to the first and second floor, elevator access to first, second floor, and summit. You can also choose to make your way up to the second floor via stairs and take a lift to the summit. If you’re on a time-bound trip, this is your safe bet. 

Why go for these tickets?

  • Climb at your own pace: The biggest advantage of the Eiffel Tower stair tickets is that they save a lot of your waiting time. The stairs are usually not crowded and can be accessed in under 30 minutes of purchasing the ticket. With a price tag of just around €4, it is the cheapest way to scale the towering monument. You’ll also get to climb the tower at your own pace and check out different vantage points on your way up.
  • Fast track Eiffel Tower access: The Eiffel Tower has three elevators - The North, East, and West. You can skip the line at the Eiffel Tower Lift by purchasing Skip The Line Eiffel Tower access tickets and get fast-track access to the first and second floors. Elevator access to the first and second floors will cost you between €4 and €16; elevator access to all the floors, including the summit will cost you around €27.
  • Optional Summit Access: Situated at a jaw-dropping height of 276 meters above the ground, the summit is the highest accessible point of the Eiffel Tower. The summit can only be accessed via glass-walled elevators from the second floor and require a separate ticket. While choosing your Eiffel Tower stairs or elevator tickets, make sure you add these optional tickets to get the best eagle’s view of Paris.

Recommended Experiences

Bypass long waiting lines at the Eiffel Tower and make the most of your time in Paris with these skip-the-line tickets Summit Access tickets. Explore Gustave Eiffel’s restored office on top of the monument, all while enjoying an unparalleled view of the Parisian skyline. 
Follow your expert English speaking guide as he helps you explore the Eiffel Tower. Climb the steps and make your way to the 2nd floor or upgrade to the summit with the help of an elevator. Visit the office of Gustave Eiffel, which is located at the summit.
At a whopping 276 meters (905 feet) from the ground, Eiffel Tower Summit is one of the highest points to observe the city from. Experience vertigo as you look down to see a "miniature" Paris city thrive under your feet. With a glass-walled elevator, the ascent is also nothing short of exhilarating. You'll also get to visit the Gustave Eiffel's secret apartment office on top of the Eiffel Tower. Composed of realistic wax characters, this office evokes the era when this architectural masterpiece first came to life.

Why go for these tickets?

  • Unparalleled view of Paris: Eiffel Tower Summit offers one of the most breathtaking views of the Parisian skyline. Using the telescopes at the summit, you will be able to spot various other famous Parisian landmarks, all while enjoying a light breeze. It is truly an experience no one should miss.
  • Champagne with a view: Nestled within the platforms, head to the champagne bar for a drink with a view. A non-alcoholic drink is also available, so the whole family can celebrate the magical moment.
  • Secret Apartment on the Summit: Apart from offering an eagle's view of Paris, the Eiffel Tower summit houses the office of the man behind the Eiffel Tower, Gustave Eiffel. The recently renovated office is lined with paisley wallpaper, wooden furniture, and paintings and features life-like wax models depicting the Tower’s creator and his daughter Claire welcoming the famous American inventor, Thomas Edison.

Recommended Experiences

Explore the Eiffel Tower with a skip-the-line tour and special access to its Summit and marvel at the panoramic view of the city. You will also enjoy access to the Summit that guarantees a perfect photo op and views of the city that are bound to enthrall you. You may board a delightful panoramic cruise along the iconic Seine.
Ensconced in the Eiffel Tower’s spectacular metal structure are two pockets of culinary heavens. The two restaurants feature everything from quick bites and snacks to full-course meals for every occasion. The first floor features a new French-style bistro called the La bulle Parisienne, which is now a popular stop for many due to its ‘dome’ architecture.
  • La bulle Parisienne: The first floor of the Eiffel Tower is home to the chic La bulle Parisienne, a French-style bistro offering a wine bar and full-course meals. Decorated with a lush hanging garden and gorgeous lanterns, the dome restaurant offers the opportunity to dine with a magnificent view of the Paris skyline.
  • Le Jules Verne: Eiffel Tower’s Second Floor is home to the Michelin-star Le Jules Verne restaurant. Culinary endeavors at the restaurant are spearheaded by Frédéric Anton, a three-star chef, and a “Meilleur Ouvrier de France”. Le Jules Verne offers traditional French cuisine with some subtle restyling and 6-7 course meals are available for lunch and dinner.

Why go for these tickets?

  • Skip-the-Line Access to the Tower: Booking a meal at the Eiffel Tower comes with a huge perk - you get skip the long entry line. Each restaurant has its own elevator, reserved only for restaurant guests. This means that a dinner reservation guarantees skip-the-line access.
  • Authentic French Dining: Both restaurants on top of the Eiffel Tower serve up delicious food prepared by renowned chefs. In fact, the Michelin star Le Jules Vernes is run by Frédéric Anton, a three-star chef, and a “Meilleur Ouvrier de France”. Both restaurants offer traditional dishes, reinterpreted by their master chefs.

Recommended Experiences

A dinner experience to savor, the La Bulle de la Tour Eiffel Restaurant offers an exquisite French meal on the 1st level of the Eiffel Tower. Dine on eclectic dishes as you look down on the beautiful city of Paris under twilight.

Plan your Eiffel Tower visit

Getting to the Eiffel Tower
Best Time to Visit
1. What are the opening hours of the Eiffel Tower?
Opening Hours:

Mid-June to early September; 9 AM - 12:45 AM
Last elevator ride to the top leaves at 11 PM
Similar stair access timings.

Rest of the year:

9:30 AM - 11:45 PM
Last elevator ride to the top leaves at 10:30 PM
Stair access timings: 9:30 AM - 6 PM
2. How long does it take to tour the Eiffel Tour?
Exploring everything that the historical monument has to offer, including the restaurants and all three floors will take you between 2 - 3 hours, depending on the attractions you choose to visit and spend time at.
1. How do I get to the Eiffel Tower by Metro?
Eiffel Tower, which is located on the 5 Avenue Anatole, can be reached by Metro by taking the two lines that have stops in close proximity to the Eiffel Tower i.e Line 6 and 9.
2. How do I get to Eiffel Tower by RER Train?
To reach Eiffel Tower, you can board the RER Train from anywhere and get off at the Champs de Mars station. It’s a 2 minute walk from the station.
3. Can I get to Eiffel Tower by bus?
To reach Eiffel Tower, you have to take either one of the following;
Buses 82, 42, 87, or 69
4. How can I reach Eiffel Tower via boat?
To get to the Eiffel Tower on a boat, you can avail the services of any Batobus boats, which will take you to the dock right next to the monument.
When is the best time of the year to visit the Eiffel Tower?
The best time to visit the Eiffel Tower is between October and February. This is generally referred to as the off-season and sees significantly lesser crowds than the holiday season.
When is the best time of the day to visit the Eiffel Tower?
Though the number of visitors during the day depends largely on the period of the year and weather conditions, it is advised that you start your visit before 10:30 am or at the end of the day after 5 pm.

Explore the Eiffel Tower

Upon arriving at the Eiffel Tower, your journey will begin on the ground floor, also known as the forecourt or the square. As you stand under the Eiffel Tower - its impressive, square base sprawling out 125 meters (410 ft) on all sides - it is here that you truly understand the tower’s sheer magnitude! Here you can find a couple of souvenir shops and a food stall offering quick snacks and sweets.

Eiffel Tower 1st Floor

The first floor of the Eiffel Tower stands 57m (182ft) above the ground. One of the tower’s highlights is located on the first floor. The first floor, as well as the stairs, has a transparent floor, offering a thrilling experience with striking views of Paris right under your feet. You’ll also find souvenir and snack shops, as well as one of the two famous Eiffel Tower restaurants, the La bulle Parisienne.

La bulle Parisienne

The first floor of the Eiffel Tower used to feature the Le 58 Tour Eiffel, but is now home to the chic La bulle Parisienne. Decorated with a lush hanging garden and gorgeous lanterns, the dome offers the opportunity to dine with magificent view of the Paris skyline. At night, the dome is illuminated to look like a mini igloo. The cheaper option among the two restaurants on the Eiffel Tower, La bulle Parisienne’s menu includes a platter of assorted culinary marvels, made from the products from the Ile-de-France region and France.

Eiffel Tower 2nd Floor

Situated 115 meters (377 feet) from the ground, the Eiffel Tower’s second floor is home to Paris’ most famous observation deck. Take in unobstructed views of neighboring Parisian attractions like the Seine River, Montmartre, the Louvre, the Grand Palace, Notre Dame, Champs Elysees and more. The second floor is also home to the Eiffel Tower’s Michelin star Le Jules Verne restaurant.

Le Jules Vernes Restaurant

Eiffel Tower’s Second Floor is home to the Michelin-star Le Jules Verne restaurant. Culinary endeavors at the Le Jules Verne are spearheaded by Frédéric Anton, Jules Verne’s new chef who is a three-star chef and a “Meilleur Ouvrier de France”. During the day, guests can enjoy naturally bright ambiance. By night, a muted, sensual ambiance takes over. Apart from offering superb vistas of the Parisian skyline and famous landmarks, Le Jules Verne is arguably the best vantage points to admire the École Militaire located less than a mile from the Eiffel Tower. Le Jules Verne offers traditional French cuisine with some subtle restyling and 6-7 course meals are available for lunch and dinner.

Eiffel Tower Summit - Gustave Eiffel's Secret Apartment

Situated 276 meters (905 feet) above the ground, Eiffel Tower Summit is one of the highest points from which you can observe the City of Lights. With a glass-walled elevator, even the ascent from the second floor is nothing short of awe-inspiring. The summit also houses the Eiffel Tower Secret Apartment, which was Gustave Eiffel's office during the first few years of the Eiffel Tower. The office has now been reconstructed and you can find realistic wax characters and paintings depicting the era when this architectural masterpiece first came to life.


1. Are timings strictly enforced at the Eiffel Tower?
The Eiffel Tower is open every day of the year from 09:30 to 23:45 (from 09:00 to 00:45 in summer). However, the sale of tickets ends 45 minutes before the monument closes. The last ascent to the summit is at 22:30 (23:00 in summer), unless the summit is closed early in very busy periods. Floor evacuation will begin 45-30 30 minutes before closure.
2. Where will my Eiffel Tower Tour begin?
If a number of floors are to be visited, the tour will start at the highest floor. Visitors with tickets for the summit must change the lift on the 2nd floor. When descending, visitors may visit the other floors.
3. What are the restrictions at the Eiffel Tower that I should be aware of?
Visitors are expected to behave appropriately towards Eiffel Tower personnel and other visitors. The following are prohibited: walking barefoot, wearing anything that might disrupt public order, lying on benches, demonstrating and displaying banners.
4. Are there any new rules and regulations in light of the coronavirus crisis?
There are some basic regulations in place to fight the pandemic, including mandatory usage of masks. All visitors from 11 and above are required to wear masks. Only stairs to the 2nd floor will be offered initially.
5. Can I cancel/reschedule my Eiffel Tower Guided Tour tickets?
Yes, you can cancel or reschedule your Eiffel Tower tickets up to 72 hours before the experience.
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